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Banham offer a wide range of windows locks which is often fitted to windows that are within a vulnerable position thereby lowering the event of obligated entry by opportunistic burglars. Boron rods function from inside the window frame. They are placed in to holes drilled into the timber where they job by gradually dissolving to kill the rot inside the wood. Boron paste is also available and can be painted on to drier areas of wood as a surface treatment preservative. High efficiency timber frame windows not necessarily as high maintenance since you might think either. We're happy to back this up with industry leading warranties and guarantees on all of our products to give you added peace-of-mind.
For a traditional replica of vintage timber casement windows, opt for bottom hinges - available in Chrome, Gold, Brass and Black. Beware, usage of uPVC windows on a period property can have got a negative impact on your house value and will be banned in conservation areas. We understand that a fully finished hardwood window can really emphasize the external appearance of a home. That is why JELD-WEN not only present standard finishing options, yet we also offer the complete spectrum of RAL colours on our timber windows to match your personal preference.wood window frames
Passive solar windows allow light and solar powered energy into a building whilst minimizing air leakage and heat loss. Properly placement these windows in relation to sun, wind, and landscape—while properly shading them to limit excess warmth gain in summer and shoulder seasons, and rendering thermal mass to absorb energy during the day time and release it once temperatures cool at night—increases comfort and energy efficiency. Properly designed in climates with adequate solar gain, these can even be a building's primary heating program.
Manufacturing uPVC and aluminium windows uses a lot of energy, as equally materials involve extensive mining and processing, releasing Co2 Dioxide which causes global warming. In comparison, timber is usually made up of approximately 50% Carbon, which trees obtain while they will be growing by removing Co2 Dioxide from the air. By installing timber items from sustainable sources, if you're actually locking away Co2 within the wood to get the life of the home windows which is an advantage for the environment.
Historically, house windows are designed with floors parallel to vertical setting up walls. Such a design and style allows considerable solar light and heat penetration credited to the most generally occurring incidence of sunlight angles. In passive sun building design, an prolonged eave is normally used to control the amount of solar light and temperature entering the window(s).